LOTRO Account

The account has the following Quest packs/Expansions purchased and therefore available for all current and future characters:

Evendim, Angmar, Trollshaws, Eregion, Mines of Moria, Lothlorien, Mirkwood and the Isengard Legendary Edition Expansion Pack, which comes with Derudhs stone and Isengard outfits for all toons.

The main toon for the account is a lvl 62 Hunter, it has 4/6 moria armor, cloak of shadow and flames and helm of accord.

The main weapon is a lvl 60 second age bow, max leveled with tier 6 relics.
The secondary weapon is a lvl 60 second age club, leveled to lvl 37 so far and good relics.
It has good Jewelry too.

The toon has 4,7K morale and 2,1K power, his stats are:
Might 242
Agility 537
Vitality 397
Will 191
Fate 341

He is a Tier 6 Woodworker (with supreme mastery).

It has 25.700 destiny points on it and 2G (Spent money in crafting mats for reaching T6 Supreme Mastery). I could play the account a little more and gain more money before selling it to you if you want, this isn’t a problem because i can make plenty of money really fast with him.

It also comes with a lvl 17 t3 scholar, i use him for making oils for the Hunter.

I’m asking for $190 for the account and im taking paypal transfers only.

Price negotiable.

Please PM me back or contact me at felipe.elort@gmail.com if interested.