Positive Things To Say In Forums

1. Hey I received an email and a link in it, they have great services.  They offer powerleveling, rentals, they buy and sell, they can even trade.  Check out (affiliate link)
2.  Hey guess what I found!  I wanted to buy gold and saw (affiliate link).  They have powerleveling!
3.Who is plannig to sell their account?  How much?  I checked (affiliate link) and I wanna know if their prices are good.
10.  Leaving the country for business soon.  Can I leave my character for someone to play?  Who knows about Powerleveling? My friend had his character leveled-up when he left the country.  (affiliate link) did it for him.
11.   I don’t get the idea of why people pay to powerlevel.  These people should not be called gamers.  I just saw this site (affiliate link)  and they offer that service.  Weird!
12.  I never thought it would be more fun once I reach level 40!  Now I can’t stop playing! Thanks to (affiliate link) I did not have to go through all the boring levels!
13.  Like my new gear?  I won’t be a poser, I didn’t earn it myself. Bwahahahaha! Thanks to my birthday money I went to (affiliate link) and now I am the best!
14.  Hey don’t talk to me in the game for the next 2 days!  I went to (affiliate link) and they will be powerleveling for me.  See ya’ll!
15.  Hey I got a free coupon and bought my Gold with it!  Cool site (affiliate link)
16.  Hey cool! I have been buying Gold from (affiliate link) and now I have enough points to redeem free items I can use in the game!
17.  I need to buy gold.  Who knows where I can buy?  I only know IXXE and GamePal.  (affiliate link) has discounts, anyone know if it’s a good deal?
18.   Man!! I bought gold a few months ago and now I find this link with packages up to 50 percent discount!  Is this for real? (affiliate link)
19.   Hey! I tried out a character using my friend’s account and now I got hooked hehe so I’m looking at buying an account myself. They said (Affiliate Link) is a good place to go. Is this true?
20.  Newbie here. Is there somone out there tired of playing? Hehe suppose not but would you know anyone who plans to sell their account? Saw (affiliate link) and their prices are pretty good. But I want to compare.
21.  Hey guys! I want to get my money’s worth when I buy an account. I heard (affiliate link) has good accounts. And I’ve been told their prices are competitive too hehe
22.  Hello. Im sorta newbie here. Can I really buy an account at this site (affiliate link) and not get ripped off? Cause I’m getting a lot of good reviews about this site.
23.  Hey dudes! Just want to share this cool site I came across yesterday (affiliate link). They sell really cool stuffs at competitive prices. Go check it out yourself.
24.  Hi people! Anarchy online is the best! I tried out a character and I want to buy an account myself. Just want to confirm with you experts if (affiliate link) really has good accounts. Thanks!
25.   Hey guys! I need cash fast and someone posted this link (affiliate link) and said I can sell my account here. I havent sold my account yet but the site is interesting. Opinions?
26.  Hi I’m selling an account and this site I came across (affiliate link) gives pretty good prices, for me at least hehe. Just want to get opinions from you guys. Thanks!
27.  Hey I’m planning to sell my account and I visited this site (affiliate link) and they give good prices for your accounts. You can check it out if you finally want to give up playing which probably isnt possible hehehe
28.   I still need cash!!! Sucks that I had to sell my account. Anyway, thought you might want to check this site out (affiliate link) pretty cool. Sold my account at a good price.
29.  Ok fine! So I can’t level up as quickly as I said I could hehe I need someone who can power level for me!  My friend sent me this (affiliate link) are there really sites who can play for you?
30.  Hey John! I visited (affiliate link) like you told me to. Had my account leveled up. Found a lot of stuff there too not just power leveling. Hmm so that’s where you get your items huh? Cool site. Thanks dude!
31.  Man I love this site (affiliate link).  I had my account power leveled up. I never thought I would have to pay someone to play hahaha
32.   Hey Mark dude you $^&!#@!! You think I woudn’t find the site where you power level your account huh? Well im posting it here so everyone can see hahaha (affiliate link). Check this out people. Pretty Cool!
33.Hi! I kinda just started playing and I was just wondering if this site I saw (affiliate link) is for real.  Can you really have someone play for you and power level your account? Thanks!
34.  Hey listen I was able to level up my account at this site for a good price. Marco check it out cause I know you need to power level up..It’s been ages dude..ages.. get out of there hahaha (affiliate link)
35.  Hey guys there’s this site who gives out points and you can redeem them as rewards..i don’t know stuff hehe..I tried to be a member out of curiosity..u can check it out or whatever..(affiliate link)
36.  I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting or anything alright  I mean that sonds lame..whatever..just thought u guys would like to check this site (affiliate link) they give rewards for points if u become a member
37.  Geez wonder what these guys will think of next..apparently this site gives rewards if you become a member. Is anyone a member of this site (affiliate link)? What kind of rewards? And how does it work?
38.   Hey mark come on I was just kiddin ya man haha ok so here’s the site (affiliate link) you’ll know more about their rewards and points about being a member..just go see it urself im bad at explaining hahaha
39.  Someone was asking about a membership program..i saw this site (affiliate link) who gives out points which can be redeemed as rewards.. There ya go just thought I’d help
4.  Hey guys!  I saw a site with 50% off on Credits.  Didn’t buy yet, does anybody know this?  (affiliate link)
5.  Who was asking for Credits?  I ran across (affiliate link). Might wanna check it out!
6.  Hey I convinced my girlfriend to play but she wants play an existing character already.  Has anyone bought an account from (affiliate link)?  Need feedback.
7.   I am a University student doing research on MMORPG and gamers behavior.  I ran into (affiliate link) and I must say that the services they offer for gamers are very interesting.  Has anyone here actually sold anything and earned money from them?  I wanna talk to you please reply to this message.
8.  Woohooo! Goodbye Mrs. Jekens!  I won’t be babysitting your bratty kid anymore!  I just sold my character and earned $378! Sweeet!  Anyone interested? Go to (affiliate link)
9.  Hey there is a site selling accounts with 60-level priest with 200 gold.  Check (affiliate link)