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Eve Online Accounts For Sale

The following accounts below maybe available below. Please contact customer service for pricing and information or check out our other Eve Online Accounts for sale.

Tranquility Amarr Male Main Character Skill Points: 35000000
List Skills, Specs, and Implants: Amarr pvp skills Some industry +4 implants
Describe All Characters Assets:
List Characters Assets: Paladin
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 810000000
How many Alts are on your Account?:
Alternate Character Race: Minmatar
Alternate Character Skill Points: 13000000
Alternate Character Race: Amarr
Alternate Character Skill Points: 1000000
Tranquility Amarr Female Main Character Skill Points: 0
List Skills, Specs, and Implants: 0
Describe All Characters Assets:
List Characters Assets: 0
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: /boot.ini
Tranquility Amarr Male Main Character Skill Points: 70000000
List Skills, Specs, and Implants: [b]Bone[/b] [b]Attributes[/b] Intelligence: 18.70 Perception: 26.40 Charisma: 14.30 Willpower: 15.40 Memory: 23.10 [b]Corporation Management[/b] level4 Anchoring level4 Corporation Management level1 Ethnic Relations level0 Starbase Defense Management Total Skillpoints in Group: 496,200 [b]Drones[/b] level1 Advanced Drone Interfacing level2 Amarr Drone Specialization level2 Caldari Drone Specialization level3 Combat Drone Operation level2 Drone Durability level5 Drone Interfacing level3 Drone Navigation level4 Drone Sharpshooting level5 Drones level2 Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing level4 Fighters level3 Gallente Drone Specialization level3 Heavy Drone Operation level3 Mining Drone Operation level2 Minmatar Drone Specialization level3 Repair Drone Operation level5 Scout Drone Operation level3 Sentry Drone Interfacing Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,601,674 [b]Electronics[/b] level4 Cloaking level1 Cynosural Field Theory level4 Electronic Warfare level5 Electronics level5 Electronics Upgrades level2 Frequency Modulation level1 Long Distance Jamming level5 Long Range Targeting level3 Multitasking level5 Propulsion Jamming level4 Sensor Linking level1 Signal Dispersion level1 Signal Suppression level5 Signature Analysis level1 Signature Focusing level4 Survey level4 Target Painting level5 Targeting level2 Turret Destabilization level4 Weapon Disruption Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,417,189 [b]Engineering[/b] level3 Capital Energy Emission Systems level3 Capital Shield Emission Systems level2 Capital Shield Operation level3 EM Shield Compensation level5 Energy Emission Systems level5 Energy Grid Upgrades level5 Energy Management level3 Energy Pulse Weapons level5 Energy Systems Operation level5 Engineering level3 Explosive Shield Compensation level3 Kinetic Shield Compensation level3 Shield Compensation level5 Shield Emission Systems level5 Shield Management level5 Shield Operation level4 Shield Upgrades level5 Tactical Shield Manipulation level3 Thermic Shield Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,231,333 [b]Gunnery[/b] level5 Advanced Weapon Upgrades level4 Capital Energy Turret level3 Capital Hybrid Turret level2 Capital Projectile Turret level4 Controlled Bursts level5 Gunnery level3 Large Artillery Specialization level2 Large Autocannon Specialization level4 Large Beam Laser Specialization level3 Large Blaster Specialization level5 Large Energy Turret level5 Large Hybrid Turret level5 Large Projectile Turret level3 Large Pulse Laser Specialization level4 Large Railgun Specialization level4 Medium Artillery Specialization level4 Medium Autocannon Specialization level4 Medium Beam Laser Specialization level4 Medium Blaster Specialization level5 Medium Energy Turret level5 Medium Hybrid Turret level5 Medium Projectile Turret level4 Medium Pulse Laser Specialization level4 Medium Railgun Specialization level5 Motion Prediction level4 Rapid Firing level5 Sharpshooter level4 Small Artillery Specialization level4 Small Autocannon Specialization level4 Small Beam Laser Specialization level4 Small Blaster Specialization level5 Small Energy Turret level5 Small Hybrid Turret level5 Small Projectile Turret level4 Small Pulse Laser Specialization level4 Small Railgun Specialization level4 Surgical Strike level4 Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration level4 Trajectory Analysis level5 Weapon Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 14,672,670 [b]Industry[/b] level2 Drug Manufacturing level2 Gas Cloud Harvesting level2 Hemorphite Processing level3 Ice Harvesting level5 Industry level2 Jaspet Processing level1 Kernite Processing level3 Mass Production level4 Mining level1 Mining Upgrades level1 Omber Processing level2 Plagioclase Processing level4 Production Efficiency level2 Pyroxeres Processing level2 Refinery Efficiency level5 Refining level2 Scordite Processing level2 Veldspar Processing Total Skillpoints in Group: 738,825 [b]Leadership[/b] level5 Armored Warfare level2 Armored Warfare Specialist level1 Information Warfare level5 Leadership level1 Mining Foreman level1 Siege Warfare level2 Skirmish Warfare level4 Warfare Link Specialist level3 Wing Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,114,931 [b]Learning[/b] level5 Analytical Mind level4 Clarity level4 Eidetic Memory level5 Empathy level4 Focus level5 Instant Re level5 Iron Will level5 Learning level4 Logic level3 Presence level5 Spatial Awareness Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,103,069 [b]Mechanic[/b] level3 Armor Rigging level2 Astronautics Rigging level3 Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems level4 Capital Repair Systems level2 Drones Rigging level4 EM Armor Compensation level2 Electronic Superiority Rigging level4 Energy Weapon Rigging level4 Explosive Armor Compensation level1 Frigate Construction level5 Hull Upgrades level2 Hybrid Weapon Rigging level1 Industrial Construction level3 Jury Rigging level4 Kinetic Armor Compensation level4 Launcher Rigging level5 Mechanic level2 Nanite Interfacing level3 Nanite Operation level2 Projectile Weapon Rigging level5 Remote Armor Repair Systems level3 Remote Hull Repair Systems level5 Repair Systems level2 Salvaging level2 Shield Rigging level3 Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration level4 Thermic Armor Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 2,782,803 [b]Missile Launcher Operation[/b] level3 Bomb Deployment level3 Citadel Torpedoes level3 Cruise Missile Specialization level5 Cruise Missiles level1 Defender Missiles level1 FoF Missiles level2 Guided Missile Precision level3 Heavy Assault Missiles level1 Heavy Missile Specialization level5 Heavy Missiles level5 Missile Bombardment level5 Missile Launcher Operation level3 Missile Projection level3 Rapid Launch level2 Rocket Specialization level5 Rockets level2 Standard Missile Specialization level5 Standard Missiles level3 Target Navigation Prediction level2 Torpedo Specialization level5 Torpedoes level3 Warhead Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 4,917,610 [b]Navigation[/b] level3 Acceleration Control level4 Afterburner level5 Evasive Maneuvering level3 Fuel Conservation level4 High Speed Maneuvering level4 Jump Drive Calibration level5 Jump Drive Operation level4 Jump Fuel Conservation level5 Navigation level5 Warp Drive Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,395,168 [b]Science[/b] level2 Amarrian Starship Engineering level5 Astrogeology level1 Astrometric Acquisition level1 Astrometric Pinpointing level1 Astrometric Rangefinding level5 Astrometrics level1 Astronautic Engineering level2 Biology level1 Caldari Starship Engineering level1 Cloning Facility Operation level5 Cybernetics level2 Electromagnetic Physics level1 Electronic Engineering level1 Gallentean Starship Engineering level4 Graviton Physics level1 Hacking level1 High Energy Physics level1 Hydromagnetic Physics level5 Infomorph Psychology level1 Jump Portal Generation level2 Laboratory Operation level1 Laser Physics level1 Mechanical Engineering level2 Metallurgy level1 Minmatar Starship Engineering level1 Molecular Engineering level1 Nanite Engineering level1 Nuclear Physics level1 Plasma Physics level1 Quantum Physics level2 Research level1 Rocket Science level5 Science level3 Thermodynamics Total Skillpoints in Group: 3,118,907 [b]Social[/b] level2 Bureaucratic Connections level2 Connections level3 Criminal Connections level4 Diplomacy level2 Fast Talk level2 High Tech Connections level2 Labor Connections level2 Military Connections level2 Negotiation level2 Political Connections level4 Social level2 Trade Connections Total Skillpoints in Group: 135,729 [b]Spaceship Command[/b] level5 Advanced Spaceship Command level5 Amarr Battleship level3 Amarr Carrier level5 Amarr Cruiser level4 Amarr Dreadnought level5 Amarr Frigate level3 Amarr Industrial level2 Amarr Strategic Cruiser level4 Assault Ships level5 Battlecruisers level3 Black Ops level5 Caldari Battleship level5 Caldari Cruiser level5 Caldari Frigate level2 Caldari Industrial level1 Caldari Strategic Cruiser level3 Capital Ships level3 Command Ships level4 Covert Ops level5 Destroyers level2 Electronic Attack Ships level2 Exhumers level5 Gallente Battleship level4 Gallente Carrier level5 Gallente Cruiser level3 Gallente Dreadnought level4 Gallente Freighter level5 Gallente Frigate level5 Gallente Industrial level1 Gallente Strategic Cruiser level4 Heavy Assault Ships level3 Heavy Interdictors level4 Interceptors level2 Interdictors level2 Jump Freighters level5 Logistics level2 Marauders level3 Mining Barge level5 Minmatar Battleship level3 Minmatar Carrier level5 Minmatar Cruiser level3 Minmatar Dreadnought level5 Minmatar Frigate level2 Minmatar Industrial level1 Minmatar Strategic Cruiser level4 Recon Ships level5 Spaceship Command level2 Transport Ships Total Skillpoints in Group: 25,131,747 [b]Subsystems[/b] level2 Amarr Defensive Systems level2 Amarr Electronic Systems level2 Amarr Engineering Systems level2 Amarr Offensive Systems level2 Amarr Propulsion Systems level2 Caldari Defensive Systems level2 Caldari Electronic Systems level2 Caldari Engineering Systems level2 Caldari Offensive Systems level2 Caldari Propulsion Systems level2 Gallente Defensive Systems level2 Gallente Electronic Systems level2 Gallente Engineering Systems level2 Gallente Offensive Systems level2 Gallente Propulsion Systems level2 Minmatar Defensive Systems level2 Minmatar Electronic Systems level2 Minmatar Engineering Systems level2 Minmatar Offensive Systems level2 Minmatar Propulsion Systems Total Skillpoints in Group: 28,300 [b]Trade[/b] level3 Broker Relations level3 Contracting level2 Marketing level2 Procurement level2 Retail level3 Trade Total Skillpoints in Group: 43,315 Total Skillpoints: 69,929,470 Total Number of Skills: 318 Skills at Level 1: 42 Skills at Level 2: 80 Skills at Level 3: 55 Skills at Level 4: 60 Skills at Level 5: 80
Describe All Characters Assets:
List Characters Assets: Ships scattered all around eve
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 2000000000
How many Alts are on your Account?:
Alternate Character Race: Caldari
Alternate Character Skill Points: 800000
Tranquility Amarr Male Main Characters Skill Points: 16000000
Main Characters Attributes:
Main Characters Group:
Main Characters Total Number Of Skills: 16000000
List Skills, Specs, and Implants:
Describe All Characters Assets:
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 150000000
How many additional characters are on your account?:
Tranquility Amarr Male Main Character Skill Points: 36987133
List Skills, Specs, and Implants: Full set of +3 implants.
Describe All Characters Assets:
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK:
How many Alts are on your Account?:
Alternate Character Race: Gallente
Alternate Character Skill Points: 801910
Tranquility Amarr Main Characters Skill Points: 50000000
Main Characters Attributes:
Main Characters Group:
Main Characters Total Number Of Skills:
List Skills, Specs, and Implants:
Describe All Characters Assets:
Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK:
How many additional characters are on your account?:
Tranquility Amarr Female Main Character Skill Points: 0
List Skills, Specs, and Implants: boot.ini
Tranquility Amarr Female



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