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I wish World of Warcraft was like the movie Braveheart. If only World of Warcraft will allow wars between multiple players against multiple players and the game would be extremely exciting compared to what it is now. When I play my wow account, I can easily get to level LXXX, obtained all the honor points I need, reach the next skill without any problems but what fun is that when you can't do much with it. I simply want a game that can offer the ability for Guild wars or any type of war between players and PC enemies, or players versus players. Right now they only offer small scale things and I personally dislike that and feel that in order to make this game even better you need to have a variety of different angles in order for the gamers to fulfill their needs as they will most certainly become bored of playing their wow characters. Just imagine 1 million gamers playing world of warcraft and their world of warcraft accounts and going head to head until the final survivor is left standing that's all I want to do now in a world of warcraft. Maybe someday they will offer the option but I feel that right now this game is dull unless they change some things around in order to make it more exciting. In games like EQ, known as EverQuest, they allow you to have player versus player battles inside the game and the last one standing is crowned King of the server in which it plays on. I simply feel that my wow account should be treated similar to how EverQuest does it. Maybe someday world of warcraft will offer this feature and when they do I will be waiting but for now I will continue to reach that maximum level with my wow account so that I can battle other world of warcraft account characters when the time comes.

Do you miss playing the old style games? I personally miss playing them and feel that I wish they could continue to make those traditional and the store will videogames. Nowadays, they have fantasy worlds such as world of warcraft which take away the pass gaming experience and give you a online community of gamers that do not remember how things will we were when the old two bit, for bit, and eight bit games were. Now gamers play WoW accounts, and talk to each other in the game rather than actually spend hard quality time in dungeons Killing dragons and goblins as link once did. I hope all gamers remember that there would be no WoW accounts today for world of warcraft unless games like Zelda had been launched. I truly believe that those are the true games and I am one to believe that they should always be remembered rather than for God in in this fantasy ever changing wow character world full of made-up fantasy.




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