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FFXI Buy Accounts


Level Race  Class Gender Currency Current Server Details Price Buy
99 Galka Beastmaster Male 6,620,000 Quetzalcoatl Details $130.2
70% Off!$39.06
99 Mithra Red Mage Female 200,000 Leviathan Details $282.1
70% Off!$84.63
99 Tarutaru Beastmaster Male 1,000,000 Ragnarok Details $325.5
70% Off!$97.65
99 Tarutaru Samurai Male 1,000,000 Asura Details $347.2
70% Off!$104.16
99 Elvaan Blue Mage Male 2,000,000 Asura Details $347.2
70% Off!$104.16

Final Fantasy XI Account Credentials You'll Receive With A Purchase

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Square Enix Account Username

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Buy FFXI Accounts, FFXI Characters

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GameTag Buyer Protection

FFXI Accounts

25,000+ Feedback Across Multiple Sites

Feel secure knowing that you are buying ffxi accounts from a company with thousands of positive feedback (read more).

FFXI Account

18,000+ PayPal Feedback

GameTag is a Verified Business Merchant with PayPal with over 18,000 feedback (read more).

Buy FFXI Accounts

USA Based Company

GameTag is incorporated and does business in the State of Florida (read more).

Buy FFXI Account

Guaranteed Delivery Within 24 Hours

Guaranteed delivery of your ffxi account within 24 hours or we will compensate for the delay.

FFXI Account for Sale

Bonus Security Guides Included With Purchase

GameTag provides full security guides on how to protect your ffxi account before we deliver your ffxi account.

FFXI Characters

Earn Reward Points For Every Purchase

For every $1 you spend on a ffxi account, you are then credited 1 point redeemable for gift codes and other great prizes (read more).

Buying FFXI Accounts

100% Guaranteed Delivery

Pay securely knowing that we will not bill you for your ffxi account purchase until we have delivered your account.

FFXI Accounts for Sale

100% Lifetime Account Protection & Security Guarantee

We offer exclusive insurance options for your ffxi account, which compensates you if a problem occurs with your ffxi account.

FFXI Character

We Prevent 100% Of Account Recalls

We are the only company worldwide that offers a guarantee on all our ffxi accounts as we change all required information (including credit card) preventing account recalls.

Buying FFXI Account

5 Years Of Total Experience

Feel secure with us as we have sold more than 3,000+ ffxi characters, and have over a decade of experience. Buy from a trusted source.

FFXI Characters for Sale

Pay With Over 15+ Different Options

GameTag is a Verified Business Merchant with over 15 of the leading payment merchants (read more).

FFXI Characters for Sale

Pay For Your Account And You're Done

Checkout and you're done. No need to get verified or deal with a problematic buyer. (read more).

Our exclusive buyer protection when you buy FFXI accounts directly from us. Enjoy FFXI accounts with full security

Escrow Middleman Services Available

GameTag will go through a third party middleman company to secure and guarantee your payment. (read more).

Instant Online Tracking

Track your order online after purchasing instantly without having to speak with an agent (read more).

FFXI Characters

Largest Supply of Accounts Available

We offer the largest supply of accounts available on the market.

FFXI Character

Cheapest Accounts Available

We offer red sale tagged accounts that are over 70% off.

FFXI Account for Sale

Thawte SSL Secured

GameTag uses 128 Bit SSL Encryption to secure your data powered by Thawte, a Verisign Co.

FFXI Accounts for Sale

GoDaddy SSL Secured

GameTag uses 256 Bit SSL Encryption to secure your data powered by GoDaddy, the leading domain reseller.

Buy FFXI Account

GeoTrust SSL Secured

GameTag uses 256 Bit SSL Encryption to secure your data powered by GeoTrust, a Verisign Co.

Buy FFXI Accounts

Register SSL Secured

GameTag uses 256 Bit SSL Encryption to secure your data powered by Register, a NY Based domain reseller.

FFXI Accounts

TrustWho Secured

GameTag is TrustWho Verified since 2007 which scans and verifies safe MMO businesses.

FFXI Account

No Spamming Policy

We don't condone nor perform in-game spamming messages, either through automated bots or any 3rd party sites.

Final Fantasy XI Server Transfer

Around 95% of our accounts are eligible to be transferred to a new server. In order to transfer your character to a new server, click here to read our step by step guide in our blog with full directions for a fast and easy server transfer in less than 30 minutes.

GameTag FFXI Add On Packages

Insurance Packages

Purchase real insurance for your account. We believe in offering a straight up "realistic" policy to our customers on all our accounts we sell. Unlike any other company, we actually offer a real insurance policy on accounts as we strongly believe believe in protecting your account as much as possible. If anything ever happens to your account, our insurance will replace your account with an even better account at no additional charge. Upon checking out, you have 3 options for insurance packages including standard, one year, and three year insurance packages. We highly recommend purchasing these for a guaranteed and secure gaming experience.

FFXI CD Keys: All Expansions

Purchase all the latest expansions without leaving your door step. Quick and easy, just click yes and add it to your cart. Your keys are then sent via email upon delivery of your ffxi account order.

Final Fantasy XI Common Problems FAQ

Two common problems when purchasing a FFXI account can be quickly fixed by following our guide.

Play on your XBOX/PlayStation

Any account we sell can be played on your XBOX or PlayStation. In order to do this, you have to purchase something called a GamerTag which is required by Microsoft. Please go here for more information on how to play your ffxi account on your xbox 360.

Subscribing your FFXI Account

Our #2 most commonly asked problem is having problems adding your credit card/time card to your FFXI account. Please follow this guide.

Final Fantasy XI Article

Your Un-played FFXI account Can Make You Money

FFXI Accounts can be a great source of income for anyone who has an account and wants to sell it. Not many people know that MMORPG accounts can be sold for money. Not just in-game gold or money, but for real world money. It is so easy to sell your accounts and get money. Selling a FFXI account is simple. In fact, many players will play an account and sell it. They will do this again and again.

You can sell your Final Fantasy XI Accounts and make money too. If you have not played for a long time, why not sell you account and use the money to play another game or for something else. Even if you are still playing FFXI accounts you can sell your account and start over with a new account or another account that you bought that is not as powerful or has quite as much gear or weapons.

Buy FFXI accounts that are high level are in demand and if you are willing to sell your account, you will be able to make quite a bit of money. Many players will sell their accounts and start over. In fact, many Final Fantasy XI accounts are created and played just to be sold. Many people make a great living just playing and then selling MMORPG accounts.

If you are a new player you can buy a high level FFXI account and start off with a character that is powerful, has the best weapons and equipment. It can be difficult for new players who just start FFXI Accounts to get to a high level. When you buy high level Final Fantasy XI Accounts you can have a character that is very fun to play. It can be tedious to get your character to a high level, buy if you buy an ffxi account you can start off with a great character that is very fun to play right form the start. High-level Final Fantasy XI accounts are easy to get and affordable. Don’t spend months just trying to level up when you can start off and already have a great FFXI account.



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