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85 Hobbit Burglar Male 5 Brandywine Details $65.1
85% Off!$9.77
85 Man Champion Male 100 Snowbourn Details $86.8
85% Off!$13.02
85 Hobbit Minstrel Male 0 Brandywine Details $95.48
85% Off!$14.32
85 Man Lore Master Male 1 Brandywine Details $108.5
85% Off!$16.28
85 Man Lore Master Male 0 Brandywine Details $173.6
85% Off!$26.04

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The game is inspired from the book The Lord of the Rings authored by J.R.Tolkien. The book was a revolution in the fantasy genre. The movie went a step further and swept the Hollywood community of its feet. The movie bagged numerous Oscars. The game too is not far behind. Lord of the rings is a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) released in 2008. It has captured the minds of the gaming community. The first Lord of the Rings game was released in 1985. The game has come a long way since then. The game storyline takes place is Moria which is an enormous complex in the middle part of the earth. The game gives gamers the ability to create their own characters and explore through the thousands of fans from the middle earth in the Lord of the Rings. Shire, Bree, Rivendell are a few of the classic locations from the middle earth. New features such as Dynamic lighting; Environment aware al and new weapon enhancement system are introduced in this LOTRO game as you can experience a new epic adventure playing online when purchasing a lotro accounts directly from us. In the last two years, the demand for paid Lord of the rings accounts has gone up. People are willing to pay a good sum of money for your lotro account. And since people need accounts with more points, the experienced players have started to sell their accounts. The currency of exchange in Lord of the rings is points. The method of transfer of this account is either face to face or using forums.

LOTRO, the official website, has itself set up a forum where people can trade items, give suggestions for game improvement. Since the Lord of the rings accounts are free to obtain, the dedicated websites for online trading of account took a huge beating To get a lotro account all you have to do is log on to the official website and register yourself and get the Lord of the rings accounts .There is a catch tough. There are a lot of additional features which a gamer cannot access using a Lord of the rings free account which is obtained by registering on the website.

There is a premium account which allows you to access the complete features of the game. For this premium account one has to pay in the same way he has obtained his previous MMORPG games online. This step is a little tedious and time consuming and care has to be taken while obtaining the Lord of the rings accounts. Two extra character slots are granted to all premium players. Also the amount of gold you can carry is extended from two to five. You are given a better priority compared to the free users. There is a third type of lotro account called the VIP account. This gives you further privileges such as more game play options and dedicated servers. They also get unlimited access to game content and features. Additionally they get five character slots per server and twenty wardrobe slots.



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