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138 Tradeskills 0 Old School Details $138.88
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135 General Male 2,000,000 Old School Details $173.6
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110 General Male 10,000,000 Old School Details $86.8
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107 General Male 0 Old School Details $86.8
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98 Male 500 Any Details $86.8
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Want to buy runescape accounts? We can help. We offer the largest selection available on the market featuring veteran runescape accounts for complete security! With over 200+ characters in stock, why wait to level up, buy now and get a runescape account today!

In January 2001 a massive multiplayer online role playing game named Runescape was introduced by Andrew and Paul grower. There are 130 million registered accounts which is a huge number in itself .Also this game has incorporated a 3 D rendering and has more than 10 million active accounts. The game is played using graphical user mode. Already this game has entered into the Guinness book of world records as the world’s most popular massive multiplayer online role playing game. This game has one unique selling proposition. The Runescape accounts are still offered for free. That’s what sets this game a class apart from the rest. This is how Jagex, the company which launched this game built up its loyal customer base. This game had taken out of the most complex step from playing MMORPG, the obtaining of the accounts. Most people withdraw at the step of obtaining accounts. Once that step is taken out of the way, people have thronged to Runescape to make it the world’s most popular MMORPG, which by no means is a small achievement. The MMORPG industry is growing at a rapid pace and to be the leader in it is a force to be reckoned with.

The game of runescape is played on servers. There are around 171 servers all over the world. They are distributed in the countries of UK,Netherlands ,USA,France,India ,Canada,Belgium ,Norway, Ireland ,New Zealand ,Australia ,Sweden, Mexico and Finland. These servers are called as the worlds by the gamers. Each server can cater to two thousand users and thus taking the overall capacity of the runescape servers to 3, 40,000 players. These servers are of two kinds. The one which is for all the free members of runescape accounts and the other for the paid members of runescape accounts. The servers listed were the servers in English. There are servers in other languages as well. They are French, Brazilian and German. The regional language servers make game playing experience worthwhile.

To get Runescape accounts all you have to do is log on to the official website and register yourself and Runescape accounts are there for your taking. Since Runescape accounts are free to obtain, the dedicated websites for online trading of account took a huge beating. Jagex has itself set up a forum where people can trade items, give suggestions for game improvement. Then how exactly does runescape make its profit? The way it gets money is very simple. There are two types of accounts. The free account and the paid account. The free account doesn’t let you access the full features that the game has to offer. The paid account gives you the complete freedom and the resources to use all the features the game has to offer. The payment system is the same as the system for all other MMORPG games. This process of obtaining paid Runescape accounts can get a little tricky and the gamer has to be very careful.



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