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Learning World of Warcraft From Scratch

Let me share my experience when I was playing my first wow account game. I was referred by a friend who was pretty far inside the game. He introduced me to this game but didn't really assist me because he was too busy with his new friends. So I had to learn from scratch and so I began my journeys in a snow Warcraftered city known only as halas. This city is the barbarian city a small village located in the north portion of the world. Traveling across this village I was confused and did not understand the basic controls of the game. I could not figure out how to play my wow account until I spent my time reading the manual to the which explained every aspect of the game and how it works. The next day, I finally made it out of the village and was a mealy killed by a polar bear. I spent another few days trying to figure out how to get my corpse which once completed I was killed in by another polar bear. After spending a week being killed by polar bears and not knowing what I was doing someone finally explained to me how to properly play the game. Finally I began starring off by killing spiders and skeletons and worked my way finally out to killing those polar bears with my wow character. I really do not like polar bears so I moved on to and away from everfrost, and traveled to a warmer dirty area called black burrow. Here I was able to kill half wolves half man animals and work my way onto a city called queynos. Once there I was fully excited with continuing with my wow account and traveled to different areas until I reached an area called East common lands. Here was the original trading market for selling and buying wow accounts and virtual products. Most people sold items for platinum but I learn to sell my products for gold which I exchange for different wow accounts. This began my journey of understanding that purchasing wow accounts is the only way to go about having fun inside a game because you can get whatever wow account you want to skip the boring levels and have the most fun traveling anywhere you want with whatever character you want to play. While they upgraded the game too bizarre, I still hold that the game was great when East common lands was there as it showed me how to purchase wow accounts and buy wow accounts. We all have our moments but mine begins here, where does yours?

I have some questions for all of you related to world of warcraft. Do you guys believe that blizzard entertainment is doing it right? I think they should openly allow the sale of wow accounts and allow characters to be transferred from one person to the next. Some may disagree but the issue here is that they are losing subscribers by disabling accounts that are used to access their game. I feel they can make more money by allowing people to buy wow accounts and sell them for real life cash. Selling wow accounts is not against any US law, but many people think it is. The game does own the right to its virtual property by it cannot prohibit players from selling the virtual product for real time cash as the other individual purchasing this product is paying his money towards you not blizzard entertainment. They have as much right as you do to sell and buy wow accounts and I think we all agree that at some point blizzard has to be flexible in allowing paid customers to get money back for the time invested inside their own game. Besides many people turn around and will sell products only to pay for their game subscriptions. This helps blizzard earned income and allows the gamer to continue to play its wow accounts. The only problem with world of warcraft is that I do not support botting and spamming inside the game. It takes away all of fun and excitement and destroys friendship and relationships inside the game as an automated program is controlling a character for its own greed and money. The only transactions that should occur our transactions in which the gamer gets to sell his wow account to another gamer for a transaction fee which should be allowed in world of warcraft. Some games are changing its policies such as Sony online entertainment and we are all hoping that some day blizzard entertainment will do the same so all of us can continue to play World of Warcraft at its highest level of satisfaction. I think we can all agree that it's only a matter of time before blizzard will adjust to the real market, and open online trading for everyone. Until then continue to play World of Warcraft until the policies change but remember to support any polls or questions that occur inside the game asking for answers if we should support online accounts trading and exchanging for your wow account.






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