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City of Heroes Account, Buy City of Heroes Account, COH Accounts


Buy City of Heroes Account, COH Accounts


Be a Hero with the Game of City of Heroes / A Heroic Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Online Game : City of Heroes / Looking for Accounts of City of Heroes?

Launched in 2004 in North America, City of Heroes, is a massively multiplayer role playing online game (MMORPG) based on superhero comic series. In the game, players create super-powered player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight criminals belonging to various gangs and organizations in the fictional Paragon City.

Players begin the game by using the game's extensive character creation system to first select an archetype, then primary and secondary power sets, then design a unique costume. In the final character creation screen, players can optionally write a back story or description and battle cry for their hero as well as choose a name. The name may be changed at a later time for a one time charge, and the description and battle cry may be changed at any time. There is an automatic check to make certain the name has not been used by any other player on that server. Refer to the Wikipedia for full reading and complete knowledge of the game.

The GameTag offers you new as well as old accounts of the game City of Heroes. This site offers these accounts at much lower rate as they have an over stock of City of Heroes. A few great reasons of buying these accounts from GameTag are:

  • You can get all the account information just within a few minutes of placing the order. You don't have to wait for even an hour to receive your City of Heroes Play-NC.

  • You are guaranteed of full security and safety of your newly updated account information such as changing the name of the account holder of City of Heroes.

  • These City of Heroes accounts are available with original CD keys.

  • These City of Heroes accounts are fully insured. You are entitled to get a full refund at the same value or a little higher value if there is some problem from the website end.


The GameTag deals in both new as well as old accounts. You can also buy old accounts at a cheaper rates. There are many benefits of these resold accounts as these accounts can be customized according to your needs and game requirements. And also, buying a resold account enables you to have a new account that will have a higher level than your other existing account. In resold City of Heroes account characters also, there are different types of characters available.


You can find many online communities, special forums and groups that are involved in the discussions of this game of City of Heroes. These groups are consisted of people who are very active players in these massively multi player role playing online games. You will also fine many online guides available online to help you with your game. These guides are very helpful particularly for new players.




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