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Unrest - Evil 60 Wizard Wood Elf Male Main Characters AA Points: 54
Describe Main Characters Tradeskills: None
Describe Main Characters Houses: None
Describe Main Characters Rewards: Account Age 1292 Days
Main Characters EQ2 Players Station Profile:
Did You Provide EQ2 Players Station Profile Link: No
Main Characters Equipment: 4 - Good Gear, Average to Good Gear
Describe All Characters Equipment:
Characters Server: Unrest - Evil
Characters Level: 60
Characters Class: Arasai Wizard
List Characters Equipment: Pristine Tranquil Sandcloth Cap, Canary Cloth Traveler's Cloak, Pristine Imbued Tranquil Sandcloth Robe, Sleeves of Swamp Knowledge, Pristine Imbued Tranquil Linen Pantaloons, Pristine Tranquil Rough Linen Cuffs, Pristine Tranquil Rough Linen Slippers, Pristine Tranquil Cloth Mitts, Pristine Chaos Imbued Broadcloth Hex Doll (x2), Star Linked Sash, Ancient Bronze Amulet, Hoop of Insight, Pristine Fashioned Agate Earring, Ring of Delights, Ring of the Cold One, Moonshine Wristcuffs, Bracelet of the Wildebeard, Bile Covered Tablet, Guardian Staff of the Djinn
Select the number of alts over Level 40:
Latest Expansions Enabled: Rise of Kunark



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