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Meet Your Fellow Space-Explorers at EVE Fan Fest! Or If You Can’t Go…

Since 2004, EVE Online has held a global Fan Fest at EVE’s headquarters in Iceland for fans to experience three days of PVP tournaments, up-and-coming sneak peaks, discussion roundtables, and charitable silent auctions, as well as to meet all their fellow EVE account owners face-to-face at last. Corp and alliance members even rent their own “Jita,” or office, to do their own thing and relax with their buddies outside of their Eve Online Accounts and in person.

We may not be as exotic as the Minmatar or as mysterious as the Amarr, but we all grow to feel some affection for the virtual friends we meet through our Eve Online accounts and the idea of meeting them in person, even if they’re not covered with those tattoo-like Snake Implants we’re used to seeing them with, is enough to get any gamer ready to ship off to the gorgeous town of Reykjavik.

Well, if we could afford the time off and the flight, anyway. If you can’t make the (star) trek all the way to Iceland, you can squeal with other owners of Eve Online Accounts at tournaments, panels, and booths at any number of gaming and comics cons, like Gen Con in Indianapolis, New York Comic Con, or E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) for All in Los Angeles. Get your geek on!

But what if you just can’t take the time off this year to go to any con? What if you have medical, personal, or financial reasons that make you avoid travel? That could be the reason you sought to make so many friends with EVE accounts to begin with.

If you can’t go to a con, the answer is just to keep on playing! Devote yourself to having even more fun playing with your EVE account. But what if you’ve yet to really form attachments to any other EVE account players? What if you want to join a corp or an alliance but your EVE account isn’t really up to their standards?

Buy EVE accounts at an MMORPG Account Store and you could be playing with an EVE Account so awe-inspiring, you’ll have to pick and choose what new friends you’ll want to spend time with! If you’ve already got an EVE account that you can’t picture yourself playing with again once you’ve got a Caldari with over 45 million skill points or a Gallente with over 65 million, you can Trade EVE accounts at an MMORPG Account Store!

Whether you Buy Eve accounts or Trade EVE accounts, you can completely upgrade the EVE account you’ve got for one that would otherwise require months and months of endless leveling up. You can save your self hours of work and start finding new friends with Eve Online accounts as soon as you log on with your new EVE account. And that won’t be very long after you make your transaction; many MMORPG Account Stores can guarantee fast delivery within days, if not hours!

When you buy an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account Store, you’ll have an incredible variety of characters, skill point levels, implants, and specs to choose from. Prices are varied, from inexpensive considering the level of work that has gone into developing the EVE account to really downright cheap!

When you trade your EVE account for an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account Store, you’ll save dozens, if not hundreds of dollars. An official appraiser will evaluate the worth of your current EVE Account and you’ll be able to deduct that amount from your purchasing price. And you’ll still get the same quality and delivery guarantee you get when you buy an Eve Online account for sale!

It may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to geek out about EVE with your EVE Account comrades in person, but it’s not always possible for everyone. Plus, you’ve got to make those friends first! When you Trade EVE accounts or buy an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account Store, you’re well on your way to making new friends in the Milky Way!







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