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When the Milky Way Is Mixed with Spilt Milk on the Table!

An Amarr’s power slows all her enemy’s ship deployment, crippling its ISK profit. The enemy responds by using The Scope Starbase Structure, adding an extra duration step per turn. Will sacrificing a ship in your home region by using Terrorism lead to a win for our heroine Amarr? Before any more acts of violence can be committed, though, Ted spills the milk and damages some of the cards! Ah, Ted, we told you no food at the table!

EVE: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game is bringing the world of EVE Online to tables everywhere! With incredible characters, ships, planets, and attacks, players of the card game are bound to forget that they’re not logged onto their Eve Online Accounts!

Give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen and get drawn into the battle between people from five empires. The best thing about the EVE card game is that it’ll make you appreciate the world (er, galaxy) of EVE Online all the more!

Come to love the characters and ships you’ll see in the EVE card game. The Amarr with the power to slow deployment, for example, is a woman named Tairei Namazoth and she’d give any Star Trek babe a run for her money.

If you find yourself partial to a character or ship or two in the card game and you wish your EVE account was filled with similar characters and commodities, there’s an easy way to show your appreciation for the card game without spending hours and hours developing a brand-new EVE account or earning the ISKs to buy those rare EVE account ships, modules, and implants.

Buy EVE Accounts at an MMORPG Account Store! That’s right; you can buy an Amarr female with over 38 million skill points and be playing with your Tairei tribute in days, hours, or even minutes—yes, minutes. When you buy an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account store, you can expect speedy delivery and a quality guarantee. That means you get the EVE account advertised without any glitches or problems or the MMORPG Account Store will resolved the problem free of charge!

So what if you’ve already got an EVE Account? What’s the point of having two? Well, if you honestly believe that you’ll never want to play with your old Eve Online Accounts after you buy an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account Store—which may very likely turn out to be true considering the incredible stats and attributes in these Eve Online Accounts—you can Trade EVE Accounts instead.

What happens when you Trade EVE Accounts? A resident expert at the MMORPG Account Store evaluates your current EVE account’s value according to the supply and demand on the EVE account marketplace. You get a quote and then you have your pick of dozens, if not hundreds, of Eve Online Accounts to choose from in exchange. All you pay is the difference between your current EVE Account’s value and the new EVE Account’s value. If your current Eve Account is valued at more than the asking price for the Eve Online account for sale that catches your eye, you’ll be paid the difference!

The EVE collectible card game is just one more way to enjoy all the galaxy of EVE Online has to offer. And when you Trade EVE Accounts or buy an Eve Online account for sale at an MMORPG Account Store in order to get an EVE account that’s reminiscent of your favorite cards in the game, you can bring the appreciation full circle!







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