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Think You’re An EverQuest Whiz? Start Getting Paid to Play!


Know the world of Norrath so well you have a map of it tattooed on the back of your hand? Are your EverQuest Accounts full of the likes of level-79 Necromancer Dark Elves and level-75 Berserker Ogres? Are your everquest accounts complete with Uber Gear and 5-Bedroom Houses?

Now here’s the real question: are you incredibly attached to your EverQuest Accounts’ characters or are you starting to get a little bored seeing the same perfect High Elf faces? Would you rather have thousands of EverQuest Accounts gold and plats or dozens, or even hundreds, of real dollars in your pocket? Yes, your real pocket!

If you’re attached to your EverQuest Account and/or you’ve got plenty of money to pay your bills and buy everything your heart desires, then this probably isn’t for you. But if you want to add a little excitement to EverQuest and you could really use more money for your bank accounts than your everquest accounts, listen up!


MMORPG Accounts Stores are always looking for high-leveled players like you with well-developed EverQuest Accounts. If selling wow accounts, EverQuest Accounts, Eve Accounts, Lineage 2 Accounts, or EverQuest Accounts is something you’ve done before, you’ll know why.

EverQuest Accounts, particularly high-level everquest accounts with many varied characters and rare items, can easily be worth several hundred, if not close to a thousand, dollars. That’s real money for your actual account, not gold for your everquest accounts. Why? Because people like you, who can successfully develop their EverQuest accounts to the extent that you do, are rare.


Everyone wants to play EverQuest with the big boys and girls but few can devote the time and develop the skill necessary to create truly enviable everquest accounts. Since they can’t give of their time, many players are willing to give of their money. And that’s where you stand to profit!


That’s great—possibly a few hundred more dollars in the old bank account, right? But how does selling everquest accounts make the game more fun for you? Won’t you miss playing with those high-leveled EverQuest Accounts?

Will you? Aren’t you tired of there being no difficulty, no way for you to progress further? You’ve shown that developing incredible EverQuest Accounts is nothing to you, so start from scratch and do it again! And then perhaps you can sell those new everquest accounts! Sell enough EverQuest Accounts and your time away in the world of Norrath could start counting as a real part-time (or full-time!) job!

Wait, so if all of this is beginning to sound like a good idea to you and people are willing to pay you for your high-leveled everquest accounts, why should you bother with an MMORPG Accounts Store that is in the business to buy, trade, and sell wow accounts, EverQuest Accounts, Lineage 2 Accounts, Eve Accounts, and EverQuest Accounts? Can’t you just find your own buyers?


Well, can you? Is there anyone in your circle of friends who might be interested? There is? How much would that buddy be willing to pay for your exceptional everquest accounts? Wouldn’t he or she expect a discount, as your good friend? Would your friend even pay at all? (A friend might say he or she will “get you the money” eventually, but how often does a friend keep his or her word when it comes to financial exchanges?)

What about finding a stranger to buy your everquest accounts on an auction site or message board? Do you know how hard it would be to find someone who wants exactly your EverQuest Accounts? Maybe they’d prefer a Berserker Dwarf but all you’ve got are Elves and Gnomes.

Even if you do find someone, how do you know that he or she will pay you what your everquest accounts are truly worth? (Particularly if there’s no competition for his or her bid.) How do you know they will pay you period?


Just leave your transaction in the hands of an MMORPG Account Store that makes buying, trading, and selling wow accounts, Lineage 2 Accounts, Eve Accounts, EverQuest Accounts, and EverQuest Accounts a full-time business. They’ll accurately and fairly evaluate your everquest accounts’ value and offer you cash payment within days. Let them find a buyer for you. You’ve got to get back to Norrath and start on your new EverQuest Accounts!






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