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The Green-Eyed Monster is No Easy FFXI Monster to Defeat!

Okay, there aren’t any actual green-eyes monsters in Final Fantasy XI—or maybe your ffxi characters have run across one or a two, but I doubt you’ve been staring intently at the monster’s eyes when it’s trying to kill you—but there is plenty of envy going around. Especially when you consider that the Japanese have had two extra years to develop their ffxi accounts than those of us here in the West.

Level 75 on multiple jobs? All crystals and missions completed? Full and rare gear? Multiple passes and keys? Yeah, those are the ffxi accounts that inspire envy. You can either encounter the likes of those ffxi accounts somewhere in the game and get spurned by an advanced tiny TaruTaru when you try to flag her attention (or even if she’s nice, you make excuses that she’s really got to be full of herself to have an ffxi account of that level), you meet a few ffxi characters with those kinds of ffxi accounts in Conflict battles (and you’re easily felled by them, of course), or you even fight alongside ffxi characters with those ffxi accounts. Even when the owners of those kinds of ffxi accounts are your friends—or maybe especially if—it doesn’t make the green-eyed monster any smaller.

And meanwhile, you’re stuck with what? A physically imposing Galka who’s got more girth than worth? A gorgeous Elvaan whose skills as a White Mage might be unsurpassed but make it pretty much impossible for her to fight on her own? Short of spending the hours and hours of leveling up that are required to expand your ffxi characters’ levels and diversify their subjobs to reach the levels of those ffxi accounts you envy, what other possibility is there to getting an incredible Final Fantasy XI Account of your own?

You’ve heard that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Well, maybe you wouldn’t go so far as to call your current ffxi account trash, but compared to all those incredible ones… In any case, it’s quite likely that there’s someone out there who wishes they could play as a Galka but doesn’t want to have to start from scratch and create a new ffxi account. Or maybe someone who loves playing with groups wishes they could trade their Hume Black Mage for an Elvaan White Mage. You might have the perfect ffxi account—for someone else!

So how do you go about finding this person who will take one look at your ffxi account and consider it an unearthed treasure? What if you find that person and he or she doesn’t have an ffxi account that interests you to give you in exchange? Who decides whose ffxi account is actually worth more? Maybe one person might think an ffxi account with high job class levels is worth more than an ffxi account in which all current missions are completed—but the other person could completely disagree!

That’s why you need to trade final fantasy xi accounts through a full-time MMORPG Account Store. You don’t have to worry about finding an individual whose ffxi account will satisfy that green monster in you and who’s be willing to play with your ffxi account in exchange. You trade ffxi accounts directly with the MMORPG Account Store and you have dozens, if not hundreds, of exciting ffxi account to choose from to get in return.

An expert staffed by the MMORPG Account Store will evaluate your ffxi account and give you a fair market value quote for the exchange. When you upgrade your ffxi account to one that the expert deems is worth more than your current ffxi account, you’ll have to pay a little (real) money, but when you think of the cost you’d have to pay to buy ffxi accounts without a trade, you’re actually saving quite a bit. And really, after you trade ffxi accounts will you ever want to play with the ffxi account that caused you to get so jealous again?

Vanquish the green-eyed monster when you upgrade trade ffxi accounts at an MMORPG Account Store. Get a wide selection of new ffxi accounts to choose from and expect delivery of the new ffxi account that you choose within days, if not hours! That’s one mighty foe you can fell when you trade ffxi accounts at an MMORPG Account Store!





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