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  1. questionInsurance Packages - Buyers Guide
    Insurance Benefits 60 180 365 Protection Against Recalls If an account is recalled. Protection Against Not As Described If your account is not as described. Protection Against Security Locks If your account is locked due to IP conflicts. Protection Against Billing Issues If your account is locked due to Billing conflicts. Protection Against Parental Controls If your account is locked due to Parental Control conflicts. Protection Against Suspensions or Bans If your account is suspended due to an unknown issue. Receive Security Emails ...
  2. questionInsurance Policy - Complete FAQ Guide
    Insurance Policy All accounts sold on our website can be fully guaranteed if you purchase an optional insurance package which can be added to your purchase upon checking out. Why do you offer an insurance policy? Our company believes in offering a straight up honest and straight forward policy to our customers before you purchase. Unlike any other company, we actually offer insurance packages on all accounts on our website. How does your insurance policy work? We make all efforts to protect and secure all accounts we sell as we understand that if a problem did happen to your account af ...