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  1. questionPayment Methods We Accept - Buyers Guide
    Amazin Checkout is an online payment method available in most countries. This service allows you to send payments by amazon funds, credit/debit card, or bank account instantly. American Express is an electronic payment card available in all countries. This service allows you to send payments by credit card instantly. AstroPay is an online payment method for Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, and Venezuela based clients. Bitcoin is a global based digital currency peer-to-peer payment system. This service allows you to send on ...
  2. questionHow to Send with Western Union 101 - Buyers Guide
    1). Go to 2). Once there, click on the Register button if you have not already signed up to Western Union Online. The process to register requires a 3 to 5 day hold as Western Union will send a 4 digit code by mail to your address specified upon signing up for their service. Once you have received the 4 digit code, you will then enter that upon logging back into your Western Union Account to verify your address on your Western Union Account. 3). Once you have fully signed up and been verified, you are now ready to proceed with sending a payment. In order to proceed, go ...
  3. questionHow secure is your website before I give you my credit card information?
    100% of Payments sent to us on Purchases are Processed by Third Party Secure Payment Merchant Services. GameTag doesn't process any payments. Here is the list of Third Party Merchant Partners we work with.
  4. questionMoneyBookers Escrow Service 101 - Buyers & Sellers Guide
    Where can I get more information about MoneyBookers Escrow Service? How can I send a payment using MoneyBookers Secure Escrow Service? 1). Go to 2). Login to your MoneyBookers Account 3). Click the "Send Money" Tab in the Upper Left Corner of the Page 4). Select the "Escrow" Option below (see image) which is underlined in red. 5). Enter the e-mail address for our business to send the payment to ( 6). Send the payment. 7). Wait for a Tag Team agent to contact you.
  5. questionCan I use an Escrow Service with your company?
    Do you use any escrow companies? Yes. GameTag will work with any major escrow 3rd party middleman company. What is an escrow service? An accredited escrow company will act as a secure third party to protect the Buyer and Seller. What escrow companies do you use? MoneyBookers (PayPal Enabled) Any other major company. How does it work with MoneyBookers? Buyers All payments are guaranteed by Moneybookers' unique secure payment system, there is no charge back risk to worry about. A special security deposit of 2% paid by the buyer will ensure his swift action in the acceptan ...
  6. questionAmazon Checkout - Complete FAQ Guide
    Amazon Checkout is an United States based online account payment service similar to PayPal. This service allows us to send payments instantly to your Amazon Checkout Account when you provide us your Email Address attached to your Amazon Checkout Account. (This service has small fees). More information on how to signup can be found below:
  7. questionWhy do payments go to the United Kingdom?
    3/5 of our credit card merchants are based in the United Kingdom which is why you see this on your credit card statement. See below the merchants we use to process our transactions. MoneyBookers Based in the United Kingdom Gate2Shop Based in the United Kingdom Click and Buy Based in the United Kingdom PayPal Based in the United States Google Checkout Based in the United States
  8. questionIf I purchase an account, can I be billed after I receive it?
    Yes. When checking out, use this option located in the image below.