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17 Reasons on Why You Should Sell To Us - Sellers Guide

Why should I sell to GameTag?
Here are 17 Reasons why you should Sell to Us:

Reason #1 - We Are The Buyer
Instead of dealing with a middleman or consignment service, sell direct to us now as we are the buyer.

Reason #2 - No Added, Service or Hidden Fees
There are no added, hidden, or service fees when selling directly to us. We offer a quote and that is what you'll receive.

Reason #3 - The Longer You Wait, The Less Value Your Account Will Have
The value of accounts rarely increases and the longer you wait to sell your account, the higher chance it is that your account will drop in value.

Reason #4 - Posting Your Character or Account Information Publically Is Dangerous
Game publishers are commonly known for browsing public sites punishing those found buying and selling accounts. Instead of posting your information publically, speaking with someone who could be a game publisher or speaking with someone who could report your account to the game publishers, you sell privately through us, risk free from public disclosure.

Reason #5 - Finding Another Buyer Is Dangerous
It's commonly known that there are high risks of fraud in this industry. Our company filters that fraud with online technology powered by Innovation. Let us handle the process of filtering those who plan to dispute the payment shortly after buying your account.

Reason #6 -
Searching For Another Buyer Is Time Consuming
Instead of spending days, weeks, months, even years to sell your account, sell to us today and let our company spend time searching for the right buyer.

Reason #7 - Watch Out For Short Term Buyers Looking To Farm and Scam You
It's commonly known that buyers will use stolen credit cards and merchant accounts (ex: PayPal) to pay for your account. Once they have obtained your account information, they will farm as much in game currency as they can before the account is banned. Shortly afterwards, you'll receive a dispute on the payment and then there is little you can do after that. With us, we have no need to use your account to farm in game currency as we don't support the sale of in game currency, items, or power leveling services.

Reason #8 - Guaranteed Payment
Avoid the risk of selling to fraudulent buyers. As many as 50% of online MMO transactions happen from non-secured websites. Instead of dealing with another party that could be out to rip you off, deal with the Largest Trusted Buyer of MMO Accounts knowing that your payment is guaranteed.

Reason #9 - Let Us Take The Risk
We take the risk and often purchase accounts that we end up losing money on.

Reason #10 - Consignment Services Are Risky
Consignment Services put all the risk on you. If something goes wrong with the account during the transaction, you're at fault. If the buyer isn't satisified, or is attempting to steal the account, you could lose everything as you have no choice on who you pick to be the buyer of your account. With us, we are the buyer so you're selling directly to us without any other party being involved.

Reason #11 - Maximize Your Value With Us
We purchase, modify, and maximize the value of all accounts we sell. With us, you can get the best offer possible as our goal is to keep the market prices high and stable at all times.

Reason #12 - Deal With A Trusted USA Based Company
A vast majority of the companies based in China will do one or more of the following with your account and often not pay you:
  • Once they obtain your account information, they may use your account to farm in game currency (which we don't support in game currency). Once the account has been banned, there is little recourse you can do once the payment has been reversed. (See above for more information).
  • Inexperienced sellers often make mistakes and login with a foreign IP Address. Most games often pick up on this and before you receive your payment, your account could be banned terminating the transaction. If you received your payment first then that payment could later be disputed.
  • These companies are commonly known for starting up new sites in order to lure more sellers to sell accounts to them giving you no recourse to fight back. We have been in the market since 1999 and established since 2007.
  • We understand your concern that you have spent a lot of time and energy on your account and now you want to be rewarded for that by receiving a cash payment in exchange for your account. However, your concern maybe that you cannot trust us and need some guarantee that we will pay you. This is where our years of experience in the MMO Industry come into play as we have compiled the best options out there to adjust to your needs.

Reason #13 - We'll Go Through Escrow Middleman Services
We are willing to go through an Escrow Middleman Service to secure a transaction with you.

Reason #14 - We'll Pay You A 50% Down Payment Up FrontApply to be a Verified Account Reseller.

Reason #15 - We Have Tens of Thouands Of Feedback Across Many Sites
Click here for more information

Reason #16 - We Have Been In Business Since 2007
Being in the industry since 1999 and Founded in 2007, we have over a dozen years experience.

Additional Reasons
Click here for additional reasons on why you should sell to our company.

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