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Verified Account Reseller Program - Sellers Guide

What is the Verified Account Reseller Feature?
This feature allows you to receive a 50% down payment in advance BEFORE providing us your game account information.

What is a 50% down payment?
A 50% down payment is half of the total amount you will receive for your account.

Why can I only receive a 50% down payment and not the full amount up front?
It's very common in the service industry to make a deposit on a service. We are showing you good faith on our end that we will pay in full for your account by providing you a 50% down payment up front before we get the chance to actually login and verify your account. As a buyer of your account, we hope that you would be flexible for our needs as we are the only company that offers such a reseller feature and are flexible as we want to make sure we can have a two way transaction that meets both our needs.

I'm still confused. Why can't you send the full payment up front?

We originally paid before we requested that you deliver your account information, however we stopped doing this because of the following reasons below: 
  • Setting up times to meet in game to inspect your character are next to impossible to arrange as we need some proof before we advance 100%. 
  • We couldn't perform at the customer service level that was satisfactory as it takes to much time to through this process if we receive bulk requests to receive payment before issuing the account information.
  • We can't inspect everything from in game.
  • Most of people trying to sell their accounts were not serious sellers, and attempted to take the money and run.
  • Our company is about processing transactions quickly. If we take individual time to inspect, review, and put trust into your order while putting our other customers aside, we will not have enough time to fulfill all the account submissions that come in. As a result, we actually purchase LESS accounts when we pay before we receive your account information.

How do I become a Verified Account Reseller?
In order to qualify to become a reseller with our company, the following items are required
  • Sign an agreement stating that we are transferring the quoted funds in exchange for your account.
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be an US Citizen
  • Currently living in the US
  • Provide proof of identification
If you don't quality for the above requirements, you won't be eligible to be upgraded to a Verified Account Reseller.
If you do qualify for the above requirements, please contact customer support and request to become a Verified Account Reseller so we can send out an e-mail to you on how to proceed.

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