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8 Reasons on Why You Should Buy From Us - Buyers Guide

Why should I Buy from GameTag?
Here are 7 Reasons why you should Buy from Us:

Reason #1 - Maximum Security Against Recalls
Studies have show that the majority of account recalls happen in the first 30 days after receiving your account. All accounts we sell we list 90 days from the time we issued payment to the seller reducing the chances that your account will be recalled.

Reason #2 - Insurance For Your Account
All accounts sold on our website can be fully guaranteed if you purchase an optional insurance package (Free 60 Days) which can be added to your purchase upon checking out. Read more about our Insurance Packages.

Reason #3 - All Accounts Sold Were Owned By An Original Owner Over The Age of 18
Purchasing accounts from individuals under the Age of 18 is proven to be a higher risk. All accounts we purchase are background checked as we only purchase accounts from legal adults.

Reason #4 - When You're Done Playing, You Can Sell It Back To Us For Cash Back
All accounts sold on our website are eligible to be resold back to us. When buying an account, always remember that you can resell this account back to us once you're done and get cash back.

Reason #5 - We Transfer Characters to New Accounts
In some games, we transfer characters to brand new unused accounts maximizing total security against past account exposure or conflicts with the game publishers as well as account recalls.

Reason #6 - Buy Accounts Created In Your Country
We display the country for which the account was originally opened in. All accounts sold on our website display the location that the account was originally opened maximizing security against billing issues with the game publishers and reducing security concerns you may have.

Reason #7 - Original Owner Information Disclosed
All accounts sold on our website have all the original owner information needed to avoid disputed conflicts that happen after delivery.

Reason #8 - No Added, Hidden, or Service Fees

There are no added, hidden, or service fees when selling directly to us. We offer a quote and that is what you'll receive.

Additional Reasons
Click here for 25+ More Reasons on why you should buy from our company.

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