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Who’s Excited About Azeroth on the Big Screen? But… Can You Wait?

Ever since 2006 when Legendary Pictures acquired the rights to making a World of Warcraft movie, WoW fans and their wow characters alike have been jumping for joy… And then start hopping pretty listlessly when they worry about the movie’s possibilities. Is it possible to capture a tale of Azeroth on screen that will appeal to all gamers, when the core of the game itself is that everyone designs their own adventures?

Will the hardcore gamers who know that war is harsh ever settle for a fantasy-violence adaptation that’s announced to be geared toward a PG-13 market? What about the Horde fans? Will they be satisfied with a secondary role in the picture being told from the Alliance’s perspective?

And then there’s the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress being made. What’s worse, a possibly poor film or no film at all—especially since it’s quite possible it’ll be good? Although we can always hope that they stick to the original projected 2009 release date, with no confirmed cast, director, or even script as of summer of 2008, it’s probably going to take a little longer than that to surface at our local cinemas.

The World of Warcraft film may be some years away, but what’s to stop you from creating your own epic-worthy adventure with your own wow characters? Design your wow accounts like a casting director. Who are going to be your Alliance hero wow characters? Will your WOW Account have night elves, gnomes, humans, dwarves, or draenai? Who will be the Horde villains? The vile orcs, the tauren, the undead Forsaken, trolls, or even a sexy blood elf?

How about making the WoW movie that will never be (as far as we know) and fill your wow account with Horde members who will star in your take on what kind of wow characters would make up the perfect WoW movie. It might be fun to imagine where a Horde-centered movie might take your WOW Account—maybe into R-rated territory!

But what if you’ve got some ideas for the perfect WoW movie, but they involve some tauren and all you’ve got in your WOW Account on the Horde side are orcs? Sure, you can add a new character, but when the rest of your WOW Account is full of level forty-somethings, how can the main villain (or hero) compete at level one? You better be prepared to put in many, many hours of leveling up with the new tauren. (And you may as well kiss the rest of your wow characters goodbye during that time!)

Or you could look for WOW Characters on Sale at MMORPG Account Stores. These full-time, fully guaranteed businesses buy, sell, and trade World of Warcraft Accounts every day and have a virtual smorgasbord of wow characters for you to choose from to “audition” for the part. Surely the perfect cast for your WoW movie awaits. Buy WOW Accounts with wow characters already as high as level 70!

Buy WOW Accounts from an MMORPG Account Store and you can start off with wow characters so far advanced beyond your own that you can take your wow characters on some real epic adventures by partaking in quests and events the likes of which you never thought you’d be a part of. You’ll even perhaps be issued invitations to elite guilds just as your wow characters might need to be in the course of your movie.

What’s the difference between acting and roleplaying? Well, besides the attractive salary and extensive makeup, sets, wardrobe, and visual effects available to actors… Not all that much. Especially when you think of roleplaying in MMORPGs—you’ve got it all, minus the salary! (Although do consider how you’re able to sell WOW Accounts to MMORPG Account Stores if you are interested in some form of monetary compensation!) You may have some time to go yet before you get to see a “real” WoW movie, but you’ve got the chance to make your own WoW movie every night. Buy WOW Accounts and cast your movie today!






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